duminică, 3 ianuarie 2016

Snow white wedding dresses from Landybridal

When I woke up today I had a feeling that outside the landscape is white, but I stayed for a few more minutes in the bed and as I can”t see too much on the window when leaning, I was surprised to see so much snow outside and everything I could think was long and suave vintage lace wedding dresses. In my opinion, the most beautiful weddings are happening in the winter, as the ceremony becomes magic when surrounded by the withe, dancing fairies of snow and the cold weather. 

Fantasizing about this beautiful picture, I started looking for wedding dresses 2016, what is new and what is in fashion this year. Designers kept classic shappes, such as mermaid or princess, but they focused more on the details, such as creating layers and volumes, adding tri-dimensional flowers and precious patterns. Sensuality and fluidity were definitory words for the new collections, as the trends of using different materials touched the bridal zone and designers focused on feather, satin, velvet and veil.  
I found amaizing wedding dresses on LandyBridal and the prices are quite cheap fot the diversity and the models they offer are super trendy and so stylish. You can find a dress for all the tastes, princess, classy, mermaid, vintage, pin-up, daring and shy, suitable for any kind of wedding party you plan. Also, they have a lot of sales available on the site, even on the best selling dresses so if you are searching for the perfect wedding dress, but you are on a budget.

And happy new year! 

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