luni, 14 decembrie 2015

Bridesmaid dresses from Cocomelody

Hello, dears!
I love this time of the year, orange & vanilla scents everywhere, lots of  lights and decorations in the city, my litthe Christmas tree and special treats like caramel apples and sponge cake make it my favourite winter month and after this, there comes the New Years`s Eve, with champagne and fireworks and big parties with amaizing friends

Since in this period of the year there are many other special events happening, apart from Christmas and New Years Eve, I thought you would like to see a new great site where you can find a lot of bridesmaid dresses online at very convenient prices. Of course this dresses can be worn with any other ocasions, as they are super cute and you can style them in many different ways.

All the dresses on Cocomelody are so nice and they fit all styles that it took me hours an hours to surf on the site before chosing the models you`ll see below. Seriously, get a map if you want to enter the site!
I chose three very different models, and each one of them comes in various colours on the site, so you can personalize them as you want. My first choice was of course a little black dress, classy and elegant, that will never get out of fashion. The second one was a long dress, as I felt in love with them recently (even my New Year`s Eve dress is long), they are so elegant and rafinated, and the last one is an unconventional princess short dress. I loved the embroidered details on the chest and the big, cute bow on the waist.
Do you like them?

Also, on the website you will find a lot of simply amaizing vintage bridesmaid dresses and a lot of sales champaigns, new every week. I am so happy I discovered this shop and I want to place my first order soon.

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